Pest Controllers in Telford

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Enlist the services of pest control professionals to remove a woodworm infestation

Woodworm have a reputation for causing substantial damage to the wooden fixtures within your home. The larvae of wood boring beetles, woodworm hatch from eggs and from here take up residence in the first unpolished surface they come into contact with.

They then burrow deep into the wood forming tunnels throughout the wood, weakening it from within. If you have noticed a woodworm outbreak then you can employ reliable pest control professionals in Telford to undertake woodworm pest control to impede the spread of this most dangerous of domestic pest.

A woodworm can live in a wooden structure for up to three years, during which time serious damage can be cause to your antique wooden furniture. Woodworm sprays can be sourced for those who want to tackle your woodworm problem yourself, but with vastly differing success rates, it may be better to appoint a reputable tradesmen in Telford and have their woodworm infestation eliminated by a seasoned professional.

A pest control issue with rats can be eradicated by reliable Telford pest technicians

It can be stressful and potentially embarrassing should you discover that you have a rat infestation. But because of the leaps forward made in the pest control industry over the last few years rats using your domicile as a home can be ejected far more easily than in the past. For a moderate rat infestation a wide selection of poisons and baits for rats can be sourced.

We have accomplished Telford pest controllers who can administer rat pest controlling bait stations to ensure that the poison is only consumed by the pest it was intended for. If the idea of exterminating rats does not sit well with you cage rat traps can be utilised to rid your property of rats more humanely. If there are any burning pest control questions we have talented professionals who would be happy to answer them.

So enlist the services of our skilled Telford tradespeople and have the presence of rats in your home eradicated at an easily affordable price.