Pest Controllers in Perth

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You can lay traps to help to lower pest levels in your home

There is a good chance that you have a pest control issue should you have discovered rodent droppings in your home. If this has happened then you may need to invest in a number of rodent traps for the purpose of pest control. These can be implemented by our accomplished pest control professionals in Perth to eliminate the pest community within your property.

Our seasoned experts can provide solutions no matter what sort of pest control method you require, whether you require nothing more than an old fashioned wooden trap for mice and rats, a glue board trap for catching mice from Tomcat, an inexpensive rat trap made from plastic or baits or poisons from our wide selection. If you would rather that the rodent was left unharmed we can offer humane rodent control methods like the STV Live Catch Multi Mouse Trap. So to have your rodent pest control problem sorted out post haste, appoint one of our knowledgeable tradesmen in Perth.

Appoint accomplished pest control experts to run through termite control if you have an infestation

Action to remove the colony should be carried out with haste if you find that your home is infested with termites. If the relevant steps are not taken can result in damage to the sum of thousands of pounds.

On top of this, the habitation of termites in your abode can be an emotionally trying experience to say the least. We do, however, have knowledgeable pest control professionals in Perth whose expertise can be sourced to control your termite infestation.

As well as using traditional termite removal techniques we have talented tradespeople who are able to utilise natural termite control tactics including the use of termite barriers to stop termites taking up residence in your abode again further down the line. So enlist the services of our skilled local tradespeople in Perth to be rid of your termite problem.