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Employ pest control professionals to address a carpenter ant colony

If you have noticed wood powder on the window frame on the windows of your home then you might have an outbreak of carpenter ants. Should this be the situation that you are in then appropriate measures will have to be carried to completion to rid you of your carpenter ant problem. You can utilise the expertise of our experienced pest control firms in Lowestoft to administer pest control measures.

Although carpenter ants do not feed on wood they will tunnel through any of your domicile's woodwork and can be responsible for major structural damage should appropriate action not be taken. If you have a pest control problem but are not sure the species of animal that have set up a community in your house you can recruit an experienced tradespeople in Lowestoft to provide you with pest control answers and can expel the infestation so that you can sleep soundly, free from your carpenter ant infestation.

Hire skilled pest control firms in Lowestoft to destroy an infestation of fleas

Flea infestations are an issue for a massive number of UK properties, especially for those of us who have pets. Though there are type of flea can spread disease and illness, this is not an area of concern for UK residents. This does not take away from the fact that flea bites are an unpleasant sight and can lead to stress and embarrassment for those who have been bitten.

Skilled pest control firms in Lowestoft can be appointed to eliminate flea infestations that are substantial, although most flea infestations can be treated with products that you can utilise by yourself. These include flea repelling sprays and powders and can be handy in the fight against household fleas. Also try and make sure that you vacuum carpets regularly and that you are carrying out a thorough beating of your rugs.

You must also be making sure that your pet's bedding is being washed weekly to eliminate any eggs or fleas present. So recruit a skilled Lowestoft tradesmen and have a professional take care of your flea pest control issue.