Pest Controllers in Leicester

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You can call traps into use to help keep down the number of pests in your house

You may very well have a problem with pest control if you have have started to notice rodent droppings in your property. When this happens you will need to purchase rodent traps to control pests. These can be provided to you by our reliable pest control specialists in Leicester to eliminate the number of pests in your domicile.

Our skilled tradesmen can provide a wide range of pest control traps, whether it is something as simple as a wooden mouse or rat trap, a Tomcat glue board trap for mice, a low cost, yet lethal plastic rat trap or a poison or bait that is from our vast array. If you would rather use a humane method of rodent control we are able to provide you with humane pest control products such as the STV Live Catch Multi Mouse Trap. So to address your problem with rodents sooner rather than later, appoint a knowledgeable local tradespeople in Leicester.

An infestation of flies can be removed by skilled reputable pest control firms in Leicester

An infestation of flies poses substantial problems so it is of critical importance that you keep up to speed in regulating the number of flies within your property. Flies are well known to spread disease so it is a matter of urgency that an infestation is prevented at all costs.

There are skilled pest control experts in Leicester who can administer commercial fly traps to make certain that numbers of flies in your industrial structure are successfully controlled. As well as this, electric fly killers can be purchased to lower the population of flies without you having to put a huge amount of effort in.

If you spot clusters of flies, whether alive or dead it might be an indication of a fly pest control issue. If this is what has taken place, we have knowledgeable Leicester tradesmen who can be hired to destroy your pest control issues.