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Recruit pest control firms to address a woodworm problem

The presence of woodworm will result in significant structural damage to the wood workings of domiciles. Woodworm hatch from the eggs of certain species of wood boring beetles and make a home in wooden surfaces. From here they start to burrow into the heart of the wood forging a series of tunnels that damage the structural soundness of the wood from inside out.

If you have become aware of the presence of woodworm then you can contract a knowledgeable pest control professionals in Harrow to carry out woodworm pest control to stop the spread of this most dangerous of domestic pest. A woodworm will live in wooden furniture for three years in some cases all the while silently damaging wooden furnishings, such as antique furniture. Woodworm sprays can be obtained for if you wish to try to take on your woodworm infestation yourself, but with fluctuating success levels most folk hire an experienced local tradespeople in Harrow and get their woodworm problem dealt with by an experienced professional.

Experienced pest control contractors in Harrow can sort out an infestation of foxes

The numbers of foxes have swelled in non-rural areas over the last decade or so and this has caused serious pest control problems across the UK.

In the past, foxes were a pest only for the farmer, but are now seen regularly feasting on the contents of bins as well as causing significant damage to your garden in their search for grubs and worms.

They will even attempt to prey on domestic pets, a notable example of which being rabbits, guinea pigs or chickens.

Because it is against the law to administer poison for foxes you will need to appoint a talented Harrow pest control firms to install a series of traps and snares so that the caught foxes can be taken to a local vet to be put down.

If this is a course of action that you object to then you can purchase fox repelling solutions and should be scattered on the garden of your property to keep the animals away.

So appoint an accomplished tradespeople in Harrow and have your fox problem handled with maximum efficiency.