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ADM Pest Solutions

Based in Launceston, Cornwall, ADM Solutions have over 30 years experience clearing homes, farms and businesses of all manner of pests and vermin. Using...

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Devon Pest Control

Devon Pest Control covers all EX postcodes with technicians local to you. Call us to discuss your pest or vermin issue and we will be here to...

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Skilled pest control firms can be hired to destroy an outbreak of bugs

There will not many things that annoy you more than if there is a large presence of bugs within your house. In addition to the displeasure that comes with having such pests in your abode, there is also the health issue that is raised as certain bugs are thought to spread disease. Fortunately our skilled pest control specialists in Exeter can be appointed to run through a session of bug pest control to eradicate the presence of these bugs.

With a wealth of industry knowledge our accomplished tradesmen in Exeter are able to expel any bug infestation to a high standard. They have the facility to instate short term pest solutions or a longer term pest control solution should you need it. So to be rid of those pesky bugs forever more recruit a reputable tradesman to undertake bug pest control.

You can lay traps to lower pest levels in your home

You may have a pest control problem should you have discovered rodent droppings in your home. When this happens you will need to purchase rodent traps to control pests. These can be implemented by our accomplished pest control professionals in Exeter to eliminate the pest community within your property.

Our skilled tradesmen can provide a wide range of pest control traps, be it nothing more elaborate than an old fashioned wooden mouse trap, a glue board trap from Tomcat for the purpose of trapping rats, an inexpensive plastic rat trap or a wide selection of baits and poisons. Should you feel better with a trap that does not harm the animal we can offer humane rodent control methods like the Rentokil Live Capture Mouse Trap. So to address your problem with rodents expeditiously, recruit our talented local tradespeople in Exeter.