Pest Controllers in Durham

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A rat infestation can be handled by talented Durham pest control specialists

It can be a worrying, if not embarrassing development should you discover that you have a rat infestation. But with the growth in technology in the pest control industry rat pest control problems can be eliminated quickly and easily. If you have an outbreak of rats that is of average severity, a rich assortment of rat poison and baits can be acquired.

Our experienced Durham pest controllers can cater bait stations for rat pest control so that you can be sure that the poison will only be taken by the rats, instead of any pets or children who are young. Should you prefer it, traps that catch rats within a cage can be utilised so that you can remove the infestation of rats from your home in a more humane way. If you would like to ask any pest control questions they can be answered by our reputable tradesmen.

So contract one of our accomplished tradesmen in Durham and have your rat pest control problem solved at a price you can afford.

Durham pest control specialists can be enlisted to exterminate bedbugs within your home

If you have noticed bite marks on your person, and blood spotting on your bed linen then bedbugs may be the culprit. Although bedbugs are not known to spread disease, their presence can induce much emotional stress, and the number of cases that are treated have been growing over the last five years or so.

Our skilled pest control professionals in Durham can be appointed to survey your house for bedbug symptoms, and should it be warranted by the situation, run though a bedbug removal. Bedbugs are not simply found in bedrooms any more with infestations being found in livings rooms and even shops and laundry services.

This underlines the importance of being aware at all times and the need to call in an expert as soon as you become aware of the issue. So recruit a skilled local tradespeople in Durham to eliminate your infestation of bedbugs.