Pest Controllers in Dunfermline

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Employ pest control professionals to eliminate the presence of woodworm

An outbreak in woodworm can end up causing substantial damage to the wooden fixtures within your home. Woodworm hatch as a larvae from eggs produced by wood boring beetles and make a home in wooden surfaces.

As they burrow into the wood they begin forging a series of tunnels that damage the structural soundness of the wood from inside out. If you have become aware of a woodworm outbreak then you can appoint a talented pest control specialists in Dunfermline to run through woodworm pest control techniques to slow the spread of this most dangerous of domestic pest.

The woodworm life cycle can be up to three years during which time it can cause significant damage to antique wooden furniture. You can acquire woodworm sprays if you want to try to attempt to deal with your affliction of woodworm by your own hand, but with fluctuating success levels most folk recruit a knowledgeable tradespeople in Dunfermline and get their woodworm problem removed by the hand of a skilled tradesman.

Traps can be utilised to control pest levels in your home

You may very well have a problem with pest control if you have come across rodent droppings in your property.

Should this be the case then you may have to buy a system of pest controlling rodent traps.

Our talented pest control professionals in Dunfermline are able to provide the traps to control the amount of rodent pests in your home.

Our skilled tradesmen can provide a wide range of pest control traps, whether you require nothing more than an old fashioned wooden trap for mice and rats, a Tomcat glue board trap for mice, a low cost, high efficiency plastic rat trap or baits or poisons from our wide selection.

If you would rather that the rodent was left unharmed we can offer you a wide range of humane rodent control traps such as the Rentokil Live Capture Mouse Trap.

So if you need to have your rodent pest control predicament handled sooner rather than later, appoint a knowledgeable tradesmen in Dunfermline.