Pest Controllers in Derby

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Appoint pest control specialists to remove a woodworm problem

Woodworm are known to cause serious damage to the wood work in domestic properties. Woodworm hatch as larvae from eggs laid by wood boring beetles and set up a home in wooden furniture or any unpolished wooden fixtures available. From here they will start to burrow into the wood creating tunnels that will result in the structural weakening of the wood.

If you have noticed signs of the presence of woodworm then you can appoint a talented pest control experts in Derby to undertake woodworm pest control to impede the development of these pests. A woodworm can remain inside wooden furnishings for up to three years during which time it can cause significant damage to antique wooden furniture. Woodworm sprays can be sourced for those who want to attempt to deal with your affliction of woodworm by your own hand, but with levels of success being so inconsistent, the vast majority of people will contract an accomplished local tradespeople in Derby and have their woodworm infestation expelled by an adept trade expert.

Traps can be used to lower the number of pests in your domicile

You may have a pest control problem if you have found droppings for rodents throughout your domicile.

If this has happened then you may need to invest in rodent traps to control pests.

They can be administered by our experienced pest control experts in Derby to eliminate the pest community within your property.

Our skilled tradesmen can provide a wide range of pest control traps, be it nothing more elaborate than a traditional wooden nipper trap for rats and mice, a glue board rat or mouse trap from Tomcat, an inexpensive rat trap made from plastic or one of our baits or poisons from our detailed assortment.

Should you feel better with a trap that does not harm the animal we are able to provide you with humane pest control products such as the STV Live Catch Multi Mouse Trap.

So to have the problem that you have with rodent pests dealt with expeditiously, recruit our talented local tradespeople in Derby.