Pest Controllers in Colchester

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A contamination of squirrels can be expelled by skilled Colchester pest controllers

It can be of significant irritation when you find that squirrels are nesting in your attic space. But with the enlistment of our experienced Colchester pest control specialists the population of squirrels in your attic can be efficiently removed.

A scurry of Grey Squirrels nesting in the attic of your abode can be harmful to your home, especially as they enjoy biting their way through wiring and wall insulation. Our Colchester pest control specialists can utilise numerous approaches to vanquish your squirrel problem.

Whether you wish to use a live catch squirrel cage, a device that emits an ultra sonic tone to repel squirrels, or a squirrel repelling device that fires water jets our skilled tradesmen can be recruited to provide you with the right materials for your circumstances. You can utilise less humane approaches to squirrel removal like laying poisons and a series of traps for the purposes of grey squirrel extermination.

So to remove the presence of squirrels from your property enlist the services of our skilled tradesmen in Colchester.

You can hire skilled pest control specialists to eradicate an outbreak of mites

Mites are present in practically every UK home but as long as you do not have an infestation their presence will usually go unnoticed. But when they amass in greater numbers, mites can grow to become into a massive aggravation for yourself and members of your family. Should you be struggling with an affliction of house mites, or wish to eradicate the presence of bird mites our skilled pest control professionals in Colchester can be appointed to undertake mite pest control.

Despite the fact that UK mite populations do not contribute to the spread of disease you may still be left with a disagreeable looking rash as well as scarring if you scratch the bite marks. Certain species of mite can, however, bring on certain allergies and forms of asthma. So recruit a talented tradespeople in Colchester to rid your property of its dust mite community post haste.