Pest Controllers in Chelmsford

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Skilled pest control firms in Chelmsford can expel a fox pest control issue

The numbers of foxes have swelled in domestic areas in recent years and this is is starting to cause pest control issues.

There was a time where foxes were a pest only for the farmer to deal with but can now be regularly spotted rummaging through the contents of your bins and uprooting your garden in search of worms and grubs.

They are even known to prey on your pets, a notable example of which being rabbits, guinea pigs or chickens.

Because UK law prohibits the poisoning of foxes you will need to appoint a talented pest control companies in Chelmsford to supply you with traps and snares so that the foxes can be caught and taken to a vet to be put to sleep.

If this is a route that you feel uncomfortable with then you can purchase fox repellent sprays and should be scattered on the garden of your property to keep the animals away.

So appoint an accomplished local tradespeople in Chelmsford and have your fox pest control problem dealt with at a price you can afford.

Employ pest control specialists to exterminate a woodworm problem

An outbreak in woodworm can end up causing serious damage to the wood work in domestic properties. As the larvae of wood boring beetles, woodworm emerge from laid eggs and set up a home in wooden furniture or any unpolished wooden fixtures available. They will then burrow into these surfaces forming tunnels throughout the wood, weakening it from within.

Should you have spotted an outbreak of woodworm then you can employ reliable pest control firms in Chelmsford to perform woodworm pest control to prevent the expansion of this particularly annoying type of pest. The woodworm life cycle can be up to three years all the while silently damaging wooden furnishings, such as antique furniture. Woodworm sprays can be obtained for if you wish to attempt to find a solution to your woodworm issue yourself, but as levels of success are so inconsistent, most people decide to appoint a reputable Chelmsford tradesmen to have their outbreak of woodworm removed by the hand of an experienced professional.