Pest Controllers in Canterbury

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An infestation of rabbits can be removed by talented Canterbury pest control firms

Having a population of rabbits in your domestic garden can result in the complete demolition of the ambience you have created. Even though they may appear angelic, their grazing on the plants and flowers in your domestic garden can result in thousands of pounds worth of damage if appropriate action is not taken. In addition to this, their burrowing can cause severe damage being done to your garden lawn.

You can employ our knowledgeable Canterbury pest technicians to take appropriate measures to rid your property of your infestation of rabbits so that your garden can be returned to normal. A wide selection of poisons and baits can be procured, in addition to rabbit repellent chemical compounds that discourage then from ever entering your garden at all. You can also obtain traps that ensure the live capture of rabbits so that they can be returned to the wild as a humane alternative.

So enlist the services of our skilled tradespeople in Canterbury so that you can be rid of your rabbit pest control issues.

Recruit skilled pest control firms in Canterbury to exterminate an outbreak of fleas

Fleas can be a problem for millions of homes in the UK, especially for those of us who have pets. Though there are certain species of fleas can spread illnesses, this is a rare occurrence in the UK. However, flea bites leave an unsightly bite and can be a source of stress for those bitten.

Skilled pest control firms in Canterbury can be appointed to eliminate flea infestations that are substantial, although the vast majority of issues with flea pest control can be dealt with products that you can utilise by yourself. These are products such as powders and sprays that are designed to act as a repellent to fleas and are of considerable use in the fight against fleas. Be sure that you vacuum your carpets regularly and that your rugs are in receipt of a regular beating.

Your pet's bedding should be undergoing a weekly wash so that any fleas or eggs within are eliminated. So enlist the services of our knowledgeable local tradespeople in Canterbury and have your flea pest control problem addressed by a professional.