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Poured concrete bases can be covered with paving by paving and driveway experts in Wrexham

Should you have exterior concrete floor surfaces that have begun to look past their best, as an alternative to removing your current arrangement, you can put it to use as the starting point for a new system of paving. As long as the concrete flooring that you have is still adequate in a structural capacity then there should be no reason why new block paving slabs cannot be installed on top of them by our knowledgeable Wrexham paving and driveway professionals should you require their help. You should look to sort out any imperfections in the concrete flooring immediately before work is undergone so that you can be sure you will not experience serious issues down the line.

The pavers to be laid should be relatively thin so the level of the floor is not affected. So if you wish to instate paving of a good standard onto a pre-existing concrete floor, enlist the services of our skilled tradesmen in Wrexham without you having to break the bank.

Gravel can be sourced to construct a stunning driveway

When looking into their option ahead of a new driveway being laid the majority of people will chose a form of paved driveway. But instead of deciding to follow the norm you could choose something a little different such as a gravel driveway.

Driveways made out of gravel offer you a classy aesthetic and because they do not require a great deal of care they are enjoying a boost in popularity. Our talented paving and driveway firms in Wrexham can be appointed to lay gorgeous gravel driveways to industry high standards of competence.

There are specific gravel types that tend to work more effectively as a source with which to construct a driveway, but a significant number of our experienced tradesmen would advocate a gravel that measures no more than 18 mm, as if the units are bigger can sometimes make the gravel treacherous underfoot. So enlist the services of our skilled tradespeople in Wrexham and receive a fantastic gravel driveway without it costing you an arm and a leg.