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Do you want to give your garden a much needed makeover and want to recruit a team of paving and driveway specialists in Wolverhampton to give you a helping hand?

Whether you need your driveway power washing or you want a new look patio area we can find the experienced professional that won't charge you over the odds.

Because only chooses the best paving and driveway specialists in Wolverhampton, you can be confident you will get quality workmanship and a first class service every single time.

R Smith General Builders

Here at R Smith General Builders, we have 20 years experience in block paving, tarmac and all types of driveways as well as landscaping and gardening. We...

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Slabs of York stone paving can be called into use to lay fabulous arrangements of paving

York stone is an extremely popular flooring material as it has been administered in the designing of flooring arrangements for thousands of years.

In recent times York stone paving will mostly be used should someone be looking to pave the exterior workings of their domicile.

Our knowledgeable paving and driveway specialists in Wolverhampton can be called into use to administer slabs of York stone paving to form set ups of remarkable outdoor flooring.

If you're set on the idea of a handsome garden patio, a reliable domestic driveway, or maybe even the construction of a pathway for your domicile, York stone paving slabs will measure up to the task.

York stone paving arrangements will also be inexpensive if you procure reclaimed paving slabs at a cut price.

So no matter what sort of paving you're looking for you can recruit an adept Wolverhampton tradesmen to construct flooring from York stone paving slabs that is able to last a lifetime.

paving and driveway professionals in Wolverhampton lay slabs of paving straight onto soil to make functional patio seating areas

Paving can be laid on the top of your soil so that you can have stunning paving arrangements. As long as the soil is readied in preparation it is difficult to see a reason emerging as to why your slabs should not be laid directly onto the area of soil that you have readied alongside a small amount of mixed cement to hold your slabs in position. If the task of laying paving slabs is too daunting then you can hire accomplished paving and driveway professionals in Wolverhampton to lay your paving slabs on your behalf.

When laying stones you will need to compact the soil, if possible with a roller or some sort of flattening device. Then your cement compound will need to be mixed with a good builders sand, 4 parts sand, 1 part cement, and lay your slabs onto the cement base you have created. Once the cement has dried, you should apply more sand to cover any gaps between one slab and the next.

So contract experienced tradespeople in Wolverhampton and have reliable paving without it costing you an arm and a leg.