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Paving on lawns using trusted paving and driveway firms in Sutton

You may wish to consider laying decorative paving slabs on your lawn if the grass is in poor condition. You can decorate your lawn with stone paving slabs to include a garden feature that provides a focal point, or provide exterior work space that is practical. We have skilled Sutton paving and driveway firms who can be hired to to lay garden paving stones to augment the atmosphere of the garden of your house with a stunning path.

You may also wish to have a terraced laid in your garden to give you the option of throwing garden parties or simply relaxing in the sunshine during summer. When laying any paving in your garden the ground must be given a proper preparation routine and not just have the stones dropped straight onto the turf. Should you not feel comfortable laying your own paving then you can enlist the services of our skilled tradesmen in Sutton to carry the task to completion so you don't have to.

Utilise slabbing to lay the foundation for a shed

You'll have to ensure that you have that the foundations you have in place are adequate should you want to erect a shed for your garden. A base that has been made from concrete paving slabs would be a fitting way of constructing a base as the slabs are not particularly expensive to procure and it is a fairly straightforward task to complete.

First make sure that the concrete slabs that you obtain are of a suitable quality in advancement of beginning work. Be sure that you have cut back any intrusive plants so that your plot is clear then compact the ground so that it is nice and even before administering a mixture of dry cement and sand, before proceeding to compact this as well.

Lay your slabs straight onto the compacted ground being sure that all of your slabs lie evenly. If you feel that the task is a little beyond your DIY capabilities then hire a knowledgeable local tradespeople in Sutton to carry the work to completion so you don't have to.