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Concrete bases can be decorated with paving slabs by paving and driveway specialists in Saint Albans

Rather than removing your existing exterior concrete flooring because the surface is damaged, it can be used as the basis for a block paved flooring set up.

As long as the concrete flooring that you have is still structurally sound then there is no reason why brand new paving slabs cannot be placed above them by our reliable paving and driveway firms in Saint Albans should you feel their skills are necessary.

Any cracks that are present in your concrete flooring should be dealt with before work is able to begin or else you could encounter serious issues down the line.

The pavers to be laid should be relatively thin so the level the floor sits at is only marginally changed.

So have paving of a good standard laid on top of an existing concrete floor, recruit talented Saint Albans tradesmen at a price you can afford.

Gravel can be utilised to design a beautiful driveway

The majority of people will chose a form of paved driveway when aiming to have a new driveway laid at their domicile. But instead of deciding to follow the norm you could go against the norm and have a gravel constructed driveway installed. Driveways made out of gravel have a stylish outward appearance and they have rose to prominence as they require virtually no maintenance.

We have reliable paving and driveway experts in Saint Albans who can be enlisted to install magnificent driveways made from gravel that are top notch. Standards of gravel are better suited to use as a material to create driveways that others, but most of our tradesman would recommend a gravel that do not exceed 18mm in size as this can sometimes render the gravel difficult to walk upon. So hire a knowledgeable tradespeople in Saint Albans and obtain a handsome driveway made from gravel without you having to break the bank.