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You can use block paving when laying durable paved areas

The most popular material with which to construct paving and driveways as the last twenty years have passed has been block paving.

If ever you're looking to pave your driveway you might very well consider slabs of block paving to be your first choice.

Our experienced tradesmen in Londonderry can be contracted to source and if deemed necessary, lay slabs of block paving, which cost relatively little to procure as modern manufacturing tactics have become more sophisticated as the last two decades have passed.

It can be called into play to bring forth stunning designs by utilising it's numerous shades, textures and classifications of block paving to instil your driveway with a beautiful pattern.

Available for purchase as either a series of clay formed bricks or as a network of moulded concrete slabs both with their strengths and weaknesses, although when the two types are laid together where the two enjoy the most success as a pairing.

So if you require a block paving driveway installation then recruit our talented local tradespeople in Londonderry at an easily affordable price.

You can utilise resin based gravel aggregates to install hard wearing driveways

One of the most important supplements to the UK paving and driveway market in place has been the depth of growth in the technology that provides resin bonded gravel aggregates.

Resin bonded gravel aggregates are a layer of aesthetically pleasing gravel stones that are glued to an existing hard surface and stay in place due to the presence of resin.

Once the resin has set you end up with an incredibly hard wearing surface that calls for very little maintenance to be carried out.

Our skilled paving and driveway professionals in Londonderry can be appointed to lay driveways that are constructed from resin bonded gravel Available in a varied assortment of shades and colours you can have a driveway made from resin bonded gravel to match the personality of any property.

That calls for virtually no maintenance but is still able to maintain its handsome appearance, hire an experienced tradesmen in Londonderry to instate a resin bonded gravel driveway.