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If you want a weed free garden that is low maintenance, our paving and driveway specialists have the perfect solution without it costing you the earth.

From carrying out concrete repairs after winter damage to applying anti-slip coating driveways our creative paving and driveway specialists in Guernsey can do it all.

Bring your home back to life today by calling our team of knowledgeable advisers who will put you in touch with to the most competitive Guernsey paving and driveway specialists in no time.

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Screeded concrete bases can be covered with paving slabs by paving and driveway professionals in Guernsey

Rather than remove concrete flooring outside your home when it is frost damaged or cracked, it can be used as the basis for a new paving set up.

On the condition that your concrete flooring is still adequate in a structural capacity then there should be no reason why new slabs of paving cannot be installed on top of them by our reliable Guernsey paving and driveway firms should you feel their skills are necessary.

Any cracks in your concrete flooring should be treated before the task is undertaken so that you do not run into serious difficulties somewhere down the line.

You should not be using slabs that are too thick so the level of the floor is not affected.

So if you wish to have high quality paving slabs installed onto a concrete floor that is already in place, enlist the services of our skilled tradespeople in Guernsey without it costing you an arm and a leg.

Block paving can effective when constructing attractive paved seating areas

The most highly demanded material with which to make paving and driveways as the last two decades have passed has been block paving.

In today's market, when you're looking to pave your driveway block paving may very well be the first material that springs to mind.

Our skilled paving and driveway firms in Guernsey can be appointed to source and if necessary lay slabs of block paving, which cost relatively little to procure due to the development of mass production strategies that have been put in place as the previous twenty years elapsed.

It can be used to develop magnificent designs by calling upon its numbers sizes, shapes and colours to provide a stunning pattern for your driveway.

Available for purchase as either clay brick form or as a network of moulded concrete slabs both with their individual merits and detriments, though incorporating the two in tandem is when the two materials are the most striking.

So should you need to have a driveway constructed from block paving set up then recruit our talented Guernsey tradesmen at a price you can afford.