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From using decorative aggregates to provide a low maintenance garden to using pea gravel to create an attractive path in place of crazy paving, there is nothing that our paving and driveway specialists in Dunfermline can't do.

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Install a tarmac driveway to procure a good place in which to rest your car

The laying of a driveway that is made from tarmac will come in handy if your domestic parking is highly contested. Tarmac constructed driveways enjoy a high level of popularity as they are one of the cheaper types of driveway to lay and will also last a very long time. As the laying of a driveway made from tarmac will necessitate the use of purpose designed tools and equipment, we would advise that you employ our knowledgeable paving and driveway experts in Dunfermline.

Although the majority of tarmac driveways are black yours can be installed in almost any colour with the aid of specialist techniques by our teams of accomplished tradespeople. So recruit a reliable tradesmen in Dunfermline and have a handsome yet functional coloured tarmac driveway at a price you can afford.

paving and driveway firms in Dunfermline lay slabs of paving straight onto soil to create level terraced areas

You can have top quality paving on your property by laying paving slabs directly onto soil areas. Providing that the soil layer is prepared beforehand there shouldn't be any obstacles as to why your slabs cannot be laid directly onto your prepared ground with the addition of a little cement that has been mixed that has been mixed to fix your slabs into position. If you do not feel that you are able to lay the slabs yourself then you can hire accomplished Dunfermline paving and driveway firms to lay paving stones to the high standards you expect.

When laying stones you will need to compact the soil, if possible with a roller or some sort of flattening device. Once this has been done you can mix your cement with some builders sand at a ratio of 4:1, and lay the stones on top of the cement, which when dry will hold it in place. When the cement has been allowed to dry, add builder's sand to remove any potential gaps between slabs.

So appoint adept tradesmen in Dunfermline and obtain stunning paving at an easily affordable price.