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From driveways, garden paths and patio design services to laying foundations and drive drainage our skilled professionals have years of experience and can work with you, regardless of how big or small your job.

The last thing you want is poor workmanship and expensive prices so send your job details to and we can put you in touch with up to six local paving and driveway specialists in Dundee who can offer a you a no-obligation quote every time.

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Receive the perfect garden setting with the laying of a patio

One of the most recognisable features in the idyllic English garden is the presence of a handsome patio. The patio is an extremely handy garden feature which can be used as a place to display an array of potted plants, throw garden parties or just simply relax.

But the laying of a patio can be a daunting assignment should you have never installed one before. Our skilled paving and driveway specialists in Dundee can be appointed to offer advice on how to clear the working area by removing any turf or plants, formulating your mixture of cement to impede the slabs that you have laid moving around, and the best way in which to place the slabs.

They are also able to show the best way in which to administer a sealant so that you patio does not take on damaged in addition to to select the right sort of slab paving if you require. So recruit an adept tradespeople in Dundee and receive a magnificent patio for your garden without you having to break the bank.

paving and driveway specialists in Dundee lay slabs of paving straight onto soil to provide single level patio seating areas

Slabs of paving can be placed onto areas of soil so that you can acquire fabulous systems of paving. As long as the soil level is given proper preparation there shouldn't be any obstacles as to why your slabs should not be laid directly onto the area of soil that you have readied alongside a little cement that will keep your paving slabs held in place.

If you do not feel up to the task of laying the slabs then experienced paving and driveway professionals in Dundee can be recruited to lay your paving stones on your behalf. You will need to compact your soil covered area, with a roller if you are able to acquire one.

Once you have performed this step you are ready to mix your cement with builders sand in the ratio of 4:1 in favour of the sand, and place the slabs onto the base of cement so that they can dry in place. After the cement base has set, you should dust in more sand to fill in any gaps between slabs.

So employ knowledgeable tradespeople in Dundee and acquire beautiful paving for less than you might think.