Paving & Driveway Specialists in Dudley

Did you know that a well maintained driveway can add value to your home?

Whether you are selling up and moving on or you just want to create a more attractive front to be the envy of your neighbours, why not get a free quote from up to six local paving and driveway specialists in Dudley.

For domestic driveways that need some TLC to office car parks that need smoothing over we have the most competitive Dudley paving and driveway specialists already part of our recommended team.

If your drive is bringing down the appearance of your home then let take the hassle out of finding a company that's right for you.

R Smith General Builders

Here at R Smith General Builders, we have 20 years experience in block paving, tarmac and all types of driveways as well as landscaping and gardening. We...

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Carters Ponds and Landscapes

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Lay flagstone paving to construct hard wearing paving arrangements

If you're aiming to install a set up of paving then flagstones may be a material of interest to you.

Flagstone paving is a widely sourced flooring type because it can be employed in many different settings in addition to it being cheap to source.

Flagstones can be laid in your garden to provide you with an operable pathway.

Flagstones in the farmhouse style are often used in the production of gorgeous farmhouse style flooring as a result of its hard wearing nature.

Concrete flagstones are extremely popular when one is looking to create domestic driveways that are highly resistant to damage.

And should you be working on a budget our skilled paving and driveway specialists in Dudley will help to procure flagstones that have been reclaimed which can be procured for a lot less than brand new flags can still be around for decades to come.

Enjoy stunning paved floors that will stand the test of time by hiring an accomplished tradespeople in Dudley.

Talented paving and driveway experts can be recruited to clean block paving

A driveway constructed from block paving would look great in many a property and can stay as such as long as it receives a clean once, ideally twice a year. It also happens to be a simple job when you do need to run through the job, although a reliable tradesmen in Dudley can be enlisted to carry it to completion on your behalf should you so wish. Simply use a yard brush to sweep down your paving slabs to eradicate any dust or debris that will negatively affect the appearance of your driveway.

After this it will need to be washed down with water and if possible a type of soap or cleaning solution. If you have the opportunity to, use a jet washer as this will make the job much shorter and allow you to perform a much more thorough job. These can be hired with minimal effort and expense.

At this time, we would recommend the use of a weed killer of a decent standard to stop the spread of weeds between cleaning sessions. These will be procurable at any garden centre, though if possible we advise the purchase of an organic solution so as not to be of harm to wildlife.