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Whether it's Indian stone, riven slabs or decorative concrete, there is no job unobtainable by our professionals.

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Talented paving and driveway professionals can be employed to power clean block paved driveway

A block paving driveway is a suitable asset in many a property and can stay as such as log as it is cleaned every 6-12 months. Fortunately, the process of cleaning your block paving driveway is a simple one when it is necessary to carry out the task, although a reputable local tradespeople in Chester can be appointed to carry it to completion on your behalf should you so wish.

Start by brushing down your block paving slabs with a yard brush to remove any dust and debris that may compromise it's handsome appearance. At this point you will need to clean the driveway with water and if possible a type of soap or cleaning solution.

If you can, use a jet washer as this will make the job much shorter and allow you to perform a much more thorough job. These can be found without too much time and effort being expended.

It is suggested that you utilise a weed killer of a decent standard to impede the growth of weeds. These are readily available however we would advocate the use of an organic solution so as not to be of harm to wildlife.

To construct magnificent paving systems by using Indian sandstone paving

Indian Sandstone paving is sitting high in the popularity stakes as people look towards alternative ways in which to pave their driveways. As it is an extremely durable type of stone as well as the large amount of types that can be acquired, sandstone paving slabs from India have become one of the most popular paving solutions in the UK.

Our knowledgeable paving and driveway specialists in Chester can be hired to help you to procure and install paving slabs cut from sandstone from India. From fossil mint sandstone from Gwalior, Cuddapah Black stone our reputable tradesmen in Chester will source the perfect sandstone for your project.

Whether you wish to have a patio laid or a good looking garden pathway. No matter what the task to be completed you can rest safe in the knowledge that with the application of paving slabs cut from Indian sandstone your flooring set up is bound to last a long time.