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Administer concrete slabs to construct a garden shed foundation

When you need to construct a shed for the garden on your property you'll need to make sure that the foundations you have in place are adequate. A base made from slabs of concrete paving would be an acceptable base construction approach as it is a relatively cheap option and is not particularly complicated to carry to completion. You must be certain that the slabs of concrete paving are of a good quality before the commencement of the job.

Be sure that you have cut back any intrusive plants so that your plot is clear then compact the ground so that it is nice and even before administering a dry mix of cement and sand and then also compacting this. Lay your slabs onto this mix, ensuring that all of them are level. If you feel that you would prefer the job to be done professionally then hire a knowledgeable tradespeople in Burton-on-Trent to carry the work to completion so you don't have to.

Gravel can be utilised to create a hard wearing driveway

Most people will opt for a paved driveway when looking into their option ahead of a new driveway being laid. But instead of deciding to follow the norm you could choose something a little different such as a gravel driveway.

Driveways made up of gravel have a stylish outward appearance and they have rose to prominence as they require virtually no maintenance. We have skilled paving and driveway experts in Burton-on-Trent who can hired to lay gorgeous gravel driveways that has been laid to the high standards you've become accustomed to.

There are certain sizes of gravel that work better as a material to create driveways that others, but a high number of our accomplished tradespeople would suggest the use of a gravel that measures around 8-18mm, as any larger than this can lead to the gravel presenting problems when walked on. So employ an experienced tradespeople in Burton-on-Trent and have a stunning gravel driveway at an easily affordable price.