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Whether you want a paved, flagged or pattern imprinted concrete outdoor area to entertain friends or a gravel, block paved or Tarmac surface to park your car, we can find the paving and driveway specialist in Caernarfon.

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Design the garden of your dreams by laying a patio

A good looking patio is one of the key features in the English garden.

The humble patio patio will have many uses which can be used as a place to display an array of potted plants, entertain visitors or just relax in the evening sun.

But to install a patio in your garden can be a scary assignment should you have never installed one before.

Our experienced paving and driveway professionals in Anglesey and Caernarfon can be appointed to provide instruction on how to clear the working area by removing any turf or plants, formulating your mixture of cement to impede the slabs in place from sliding around, and the best way in which to place the slabs.

They are also able to show the best way in which to administer a sealant to prevent your patio incurring damage as well as to select the right sort of slab paving if you require.

So appoint an accomplished Anglesey and Caernarfon tradesmen and obtain a spectacular patio for your garden without you having to break the bank.

bonded gravel aggregates of resin can be applied to instate reliable driveways

One of the more important supplements to the existing market within the UK paving and driveways has been the level of sophistication that has been instilled into resin bonded gravel aggregates. Resin bonded gravel aggregates operate as a system of ornate stones of gravel that are adhered to a pre-existing hard surface and remain in place as a result of a clear, or decorative resin.

One is left with a driveway that is able to resist damage well that calls for very little maintenance to be carried out. Our skilled paving and driveway experts in Anglesey and Caernarfon can be appointed to to install driveways that have been made out of resin bonded gravel Purchasable in a varied assortment of shades and colours you can have a resin bonded driveway laid to amplify the character of your house.

That will require virtually no maintaining and yet still keep hold of its aesthetically pleasing characteristics, appoint an accomplished Anglesey and Caernarfon tradesmen to lay a driveway that is made up of resin bonded gravel.