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Do you love your dining table and chairs and don't want to throw it out because it won't match your vision for a new colour scheme?

All is not lost because our expert painters and decorators in Dartford can help to redecorate your furniture as well as your home, making it look as good as new.

From creating a feature wall that's a real eye opener to painting a wardrobe to fit in with your new look bedroom walls, just fill in our enquiry form online or call our friendly team and we will source the ideal tradesperson for the job.

Our Dartford painters and decorators pride themselves on their service so you can be sure that you will be in safe hands, no matter how big or small your job – or budget.

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Dartford skilled decorating contractors are experts in securing wallpaper around a window

When you're wallpapering a room in your abode there will be parts of the room that are going to be more complicated to cover than others.

A likely problem spot is the window area and recess which is usually complex to cover.

If the task at hand intimidates you then you can enlist the services of our skilled painting and decorating professionals in Dartford.

They can be enlisted to perform to carry out the work on your behalf.

By ascertaining the distance between the last strip of paper and the window to prepare the working area, to readying the paper cuts for deployment on your walls, and subsequently applying the cuts to areas of your walls.

Their rich levels of experience mean that our talented Dartford tradespeople can be trusted to install wallpaper procurable in numerous fabulous styles to adorn the areas around your windows for less than you might think.

painting and decorating companies in Dartford provide advice on painting MDF

Owing to the fact it is easy to cut and shape MDF is frequently used by builders. But it's level of popularity does not always extend into the arena of painting and decorating. MDF engineered soft wood happens to be an extremely porous material ensuring that it's painting is a difficult assignment.

Failure to adequately prepare for a painting assignment will guarantee that the MDF will do nothing more than drink in the paint leaving you with an uneven, blotchy and unattractive paint job. But this will not happen if you adequately prepare the material beforehand. You must make sure that you sand down the MDF that is to be painted so that the area that you are to paint is clean and smooth.

At this point you can start to apply primer to your MDF perhaps lightly sanding between coats to remove brush strokes. As soon as the primer has dried you can start to paint your MDF by If you think that it might be better for a professional to undertake the work enlist the services of our skilled tradespeople in Dartford and have them work at your behest.