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Are your offices in need of a make-over or do you need to create a focal point to attract the attention of passers by?

No matter what the size of your business, whether it's a large company that needs a new lick of paint or you have a modern coffee shop that needs a splash of colour, we have the right painters and decorators in Colchester who can create a style that's as unique as your business.

If you haven't got a business to decorate but you would like to make an impression on your family and friends at home then our highly experienced Colchester painter and decorators in can help you create the wow factor you are longing for.

From subtle wallpapered ceilings with relief patterned paper to hygiene coatings to walls, our tradespeople are ready to take on your challenge.

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Established Colchester painting and decorating specialists employ eggshell to paint wooden surfaces

If ever you need to lay your hands on the correct paint with which to create a new décor for your bathroom or kitchen then look no further than eggshell paints. Eggshell paints are purposely designed to endure wetness and erosion and for this reason they are frequently sourced for use on the the woodwork of kitchens and bathrooms.

Our reputable Colchester painting and decorating specialists can be employed to supply guidance in the obtaining of eggshell paint and so if you are not having much luck in the hunt to acquire the paint or are not entirely sure what to buy you can be sure that you're not going through this on your own. Eggshell paints are primarily used to cater a calming finish with low sheen as well offering durable service in busy households.

So if you want a handsome finish that is durable at a price you can afford use our skilled tradesmen in Colchester to obtain eggshell paints.

Reception room walls can be decorated with borders of wallpaper

Sometimes a little something is required to finish off the ambience of your wallpapered room. Whilst some wallpapers can look perfectly good without one, a border that has been well chosen will really carry some decorating jobs to completion and amplify the ambience of the room. There are adept painting and decorating firms in Colchester who can be appointed to help you to find and hang a beautiful border.

Whether you want something contemporary such as a petite roses Laura Ashley wallpaper border, a border in a more classical style, or a border for your little girls bedroom featuring Tatty Teddy we can help you out. So instead of waiting, hire a knowledgeable local tradespeople in Colchester now who can obtain the consummate border to finish of your home's décor.