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From bathrooms to boudoir’s, bedrooms to bathrooms we have a specialist who can work with your budget to create something fabulous that won't cost you the earth,

Whether you are planing a full house redecoration project or you just need help transforming your downstairs loo into a palace complete with its own thrown, let take the hassle out of finding someone you can trust.

From interior paint colour recommendations to garden building that are being transformed into the ultimate outside space, our team of Banbury painters and decorators are highly experienced and come with our direct seal of approval.

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Consultations for decorating lounges from Banbury decorating and painting specialists

There are few better feeling than returning home and relaxing in your living room when a long working day reaches its conclusion. But if the décor in your living room has started to look tired it will have a negative effect on the natural mood within the room. However the expertise of our experienced tradespeople in Banbury can be contracted to carry out the work by using their wealth of trade knowledge so that your living room can be the relaxing chill out zone that you need it to be.

Our skilled tradesmen understand that a good colour scheme is the make or break aspect of the living room. They can arrange a colour scheme to adorn your walls, doors and trims that accentuate the most dominant piece of furniture. The the appearance of the paint is a relevant issue and painting and decorating professionals in Banbury can provide a paint finish that will instil a calming feeling so that your living room is changed into the sanctuary from the working day that you deserve.

Property walls are decorated with brick paint by painting and decorating professionals in Banbury

Should you aspire to paint a floor within your home then you will have to choose a paint that is suitable. Masonry paint is an appropriate choice for floor painting due to its highly resistant nature.

In addition to their popularity when it comes to painting floors made from concrete it is also highly appropriate if you're looking to paint any of your exterior fixtures of your home such as any outdoor walls or lintels constructed out of stone. We have skilled Banbury painting and decorating professionals who can be appointed to perform paint jobs on your stone flooring to a standard that will please you.

Masonry paint is frequently used in commercial buildings because it can contend with high levels of foot traffic and that it can be cleaned extremely easy so when you apply its use in a home scenario a paint job may never have to be carried out again. So employ a seasoned Banbury tradesmen and obtain the best paint job you're ever likely to at an easily affordable price.