Locksmiths in Southampton

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Household safes can be supplied by reliable Southampton locksmith experts so that your valuables can be stored

If you want your homes valuables to be safe it is strongly advocated that you purchase a safe. There are a wide range of different safe types, and the sort of safe that you have will be affected by how it is used. Manual key safes are frequently utilised as they are incredibly secure and are not a complicated device to operate.

Electronically locked safes can have seen their popularity grow as they require a code to be typed in boosting the level of security. Owing to the advancements in modern technology biometric locks for safes enjoy prominence with the lock not being released until the safe owners fingerprint is placed on the key pad. Safes can be put in a number of different places within your domicile, as a hidden safe is more secure.

Safes can be built into your home's walls, and some homes will even have a floor safe. So appoint our experienced Southampton locksmith companies and have a safe supplied and fitted.

Sash jammers can be administered when you employ accomplished Southampton locksmith firms

If the security of sash windows on your property is something you worry about you might find sash jammers to be of significant interest. A sash jammer is a device that increases the level of security for your sash windows. It involves a securing arm which stops the forced opening of the window sash.

You can have sash jammers inducted when you recruit our talented expert locksmiths in Southampton. If ever you are away from your home for an extended period of time a securing arm can be attached which prevents the forced opening of the window sash. Jammers for sash windows are secured by a series of screws, and to operate the device one simply slides the the metal arm of the sash jammer down over the opening part of the window.

So employ our seasoned Southampton tradesmen and have sash jammers attached to your homes windows.