Locksmiths in Peckham

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Reliable Peckham locksmith firms can be appointed to supply a safe

If you have valuables that you wish to keep safe it is advisable that you purchase a safe, which you can obtain from our Peckham locksmith experts. The sort of valuables that you need to safely store will have an impact on the sort of safe you require. A fireproof safe is a recommended purchase if you have essential documents that cannot be damaged.

Home safes are used to store valuables like expensive jewellery items and cash. You can even obtain a gun safe if you have registered firearms that you need to keep safe. There are a number of different types of locks that safes use.

Safes with a traditional combination lock can be purchased, but safes with electronic locks can be acquired as well as biometric safes with fingerprint scanners. So enlist the services of our skilled Peckham locksmith specialists and have a safe supplied and fitted.

Reliable Peckham locksmith specialists can be recruited when your key breaks in the lock

If the key for your lock has snapped off our knowledgeable Peckham locksmith firms will come in handy. Having your key break off in the lock can be incredibly frustrating, particularly if you have places to be when it happens. Keys snapping in locks is a common complaint and is often caused by cracks and fractures appearing over a period of time.

Turning the key with excessive force will also cause this to happen or high resistance level caused by a lock that is stiff. A particularly frustrating aspect of the problem is the difficulty a lay person will have removing the key shard. Our skilled expert locksmiths in Peckham can be recruited to remove the fragment of key from the lock and then pick the lock in order for your to be able access your home.

In rare circumstances it may not be possible to extract the key from the lock under which circumstances our knowledgeable locksmiths will break open the lock with a drill, meaning that a replacement lock and key will have to be obtained. Our experienced specialist tradesmen in Peckham can be appointed, and will try to be with you at the drop of a hat so that you can be back inside your home sooner rather than later.