Locksmiths in Newquay

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Household safes can be supplied by skilled Newquay locksmith companies in order to store your valuables

If you want your homes valuables to be safe it is advisable to purchase a safe. A number of different types of safe can be procured, and the sort of safe that you choose will be dependant on its use.

Manual key safes are frequently utilised as they provide a high level of security and are not difficult to operate. Electronic safes have grown in popularity as they cannot be opened until the corresponding code is typed in boosting the level of security.

Owing to the advancements in modern technology biometric locks have been incorporated into safes with the lock not being released until an appropriate fingerprint being placed on the scanner. Safes can also be placed all around the home, as a hidden safe is more secure.

Wall safes can be incorporated into your home, and some will even opt to have a floor safe. So hire our reliable Newquay locksmith firms and have a safe installation carried out.

You can have sash jammers fitted when you hire reliable locksmith specialists in Newquay

You may find sash jammers to be of considerable interest should you be concerned about the security of the sash windows.

A jammer for sash windows will increase the level of security that surrounds your sash windows.

It incorporates a securing arm that impedes someone forcing the sash of the window open.

Sash jammers for windows can be installed when you hire our reputable locksmiths in Newquay.

If you're going on holiday you can simply administer the securing arm which will mean that the window sash cannot be forced open.

Sash jammers for windows are connected by a number of screws and to use the tool one simply slides the the metal arm of the sash jammer down over the opening part of the window.

So appoint our experienced local tradespeople in Newquay and have sash jammers fixed onto the windows of your home.