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You can use a fire resistant document safe in order for you to have somewhere so that your documents can be kept safe

It is strongly advocated that you buy a fireproof safe for documents if you have a number of important documents so that they can be stored safely and securely. The loss of crucial business documents can be highly destructive and so storing them in a fireproof document safe will help you rest safe in the knowledge that they are safe. Models by household name firms such as Safelock can be purchased and can be used in the storage of a selection of different sized documents.

A fire resistant safe for documents can be utilised to keep digital media devices safe if you feel it more appropriate storing your business's documentation electronically. Safes can be bought that have the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures for up to 60 mins so that you can rest assured that there is little chance that your documents are ever going to be harmed. If you need to be advised on the sort of safe to purchase or help fitting your safe once it is fitted you can hire our reputable Leicester locksmith specialists.

Hire accomplished locksmith specialists in Leicester to fit 5 lever mortice locks

You will need to have reliable locks fitted as ensuring that your property is kept secure will be essential Police forces within this country advise the use of 5 lever chubb locks to ensure that your home is kept secure. As an anti-pick device is built into most of the locks 5 lever mortice dead locks supply an impressive level of security for domestic UK properties. Our experienced locksmiths in Leicester can be appointed for the domestic installation of 5 lever dead locks.

As well as being popular with the UK police force, UK insurers also highlight the benefits of utilising 5 lever mortice locks. Which illustrates just how highly regarded they are in the industry that concerns security in the United Kingdom. Once the lock has been activated, the one way in which to unlock it is to use it's key, making it different from separate types of lock an example of which being a sash lock.

So enlist the services of our skilled Leicester tradesmen in order for them to administer 5 lever mortice dead locks.