Locksmiths in Inverness

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Experienced Inverness locksmith specialists can be recruited for a night latch installation

Our reputable Inverness locksmith firms can be recruited when you want to have a night latch administered.

Night latches are frequently frequently utilised in wooden front doors.

When someone shuts a door that has a night latch it is only possible to gain entry from outside if you have the appropriate key.

You will not need the key to open it from the inside.

You can appoint our reputable Inverness locksmith firms to carry out the induction of a night latch in order for you to have a more secure property.

Night latches are often called into use because they are a reliable type of lock and the fact that they lock automatically once the door is closed.

Night latches can be obtained in either the original 40mm type or you might wish to have the 60mm night latch fitted for extra reliability.

So hire our experienced specialist tradesmen in Inverness so that you can have night latches installed.

Have window locks fitted by hiring our experienced locksmith experts in Inverness

One way to ensure that your home is secure is to have window locks fitted. 20% of burglaries happen when a door or window has been left unsecured, leaving intruders with easy access.

By having window locks fitted in your property the chances of you being broken it to are significantly slashed. Snaplock window locks can be installed to a wide range of different types of window.

Closing the window snaps the lock shut and cannot be reopened until the key is turned in the lock. Mortice window locks are often installed in wooden windows, auto-window locks are often called into use as you cannot forget to lock your window, and locking window catches are popular by those who have windows with outward hinges.

So enlist the services of our skilled Inverness locksmith firms and have them increase the level of security in your property by fitting locks to your windows.