Locksmiths in Dunfermline

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Skilled locksmith companies in Dunfermline can be employed should your key have snapped off in the lock

Should your key have broken inside the lock an accomplished Dunfermline locksmith specialists will provide invaluable. When your key breaks off in the lock it can be an infuriating experience, particularly if you do not have time to stand around waiting for a locksmith.

Keys snapping in locks is a common complaint and is usually a result of fractures forming within the key over a period of time. The key can be further weakened when a key is turned with excessive force or the lock stiffening up raising levels of resistance.

What is particularly frustrating is the difficulty faced by a lay person in removing the broken key from the lock. You can enlist the services of our experienced Dunfermline locksmith firms to remove the key from the lock and then pick the door lock in order for it to be opened.

In rare circumstances it may not be possible to extract the key from the lock which will call for the lock to be drilled open by our talented locksmiths, meaning that you will need to find an alternative lock and key. Our skilled Dunfermline tradesmen can be hired to assist, and will try to be with you in next to no time to allow you to gain access to your property quickly.

Talented Dunfermline locksmith companies can be hired to cut keys to code

If you are looking to have keys cut to code reliable locksmith firms in Dunfermline can be hired to provide them. A key code is an alphanumeric code that allow for the creation of a key. Key codes come in two different types, blind and biting key codes.

Blind codes require a translation to be performed, by either a code chart or computer so that a biting code is produced, that will be used by the locksmith in the creation of the key. The blind code is translated and becomes the biting code which can be utilised by our reliable Dunfermline locksmith experts to manufacture your key. Key codes are used to create car keys, keys for furniture items and keys for your front door.

So if you need to have a key cut from code recruit our talented Dunfermline locksmith specialists to have them cut your key.