Locksmiths in Doncaster

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Sash jammers can be installed when you employ reputable locksmith experts in Doncaster

You might find sash jammers to be of significant interest if the security of sash windows on your property is something that you worry about. A sash jammer is a device used to boost the security levels of sash windows. It utilises a securing arm which prevents an individual forcing the window sash open.

Sash window jammers can be administered when you recruit our experienced Doncaster locksmith firms. If you are faced with time away from the home you can put on the securing arm which will make sure that no one is able to force the window open. Sash jammers are attached by subtly placed screws, and to activate the device the sash jammer is simply slid over the opening part of the window.

So employ our seasoned tradespeople in Doncaster and have sash jammers attached to your homes windows.

Skilled Doncaster locksmith experts can be appointed to install night latches

If you want to have a night latch fitted the services of our skilled Doncaster locksmith specialists will be of considerable use. Night latches are commonly administered to doors made from wood.

When the wooden door with a night latch has been shut you will only be able to open it from the outside if you have the right key. You will not need the key to open it from the inside.

Our talented Doncaster locksmiths can be enlisted to induct a night latch in order to boost your home's security. Night latches sit highly in the popularity stakes because of their reliability and their user friendly nature.

Night latches can be obtained in either a 40mm standard size, or the slightly larger 60mm night latch size. So appoint our reliable specialist tradesmen in Doncaster so that you can have night latches installed.