Locksmiths in Bath

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Talented locksmith companies in Bath can be enlisted for the installation of night latches

Our reputable Bath locksmith specialists can be recruited when you want to have a night latch administered. Night latches are frequently frequently utilised in wooden front doors.

Once a door with a night latch has been closed one can only enter from the outside should they be in possession of a key. If you want to open it from the inside, you will not need the key.

You can enlist the services of our experienced Bath locksmiths to run through a night latch installation in order for you to have a more secure property. Night latches enjoy high levels of popularity because they can be relied upon and their user friendly nature.

Night latches are purchasable in either the standard 40mm, or the 60mm night latch may be more suitable. So have a night latch installed by enlisting the services of our skilled tradespeople in Bath.

Window locks for sash windows can be installed by experienced Bath locksmith firms

Sash locks for windows make a great way of ensuring the security of your windows is to have sash window locks fitted.

A large number of domestic burglaries in the UK are as a result of a window that is not secure, so it is of paramount importance that you take steps to make sure that you home's windows are made secure.

You can employ our talented Bath locksmiths to administer locks for sash windows so that the security of your home is not something that you need to worry about.

Fasteners for sash windows are a great way in which to guarantee protection for your property's windows, and are purchasable in a variety of styles, such as brass sash window fasteners, so that they can be utilised in any decor theme.

Rola locks for sash windows are also highly sought after as they can be used in conjunction with a number of different window systems such as UPVC and are available in different materials such as chrome.

So employ our seasoned tradespeople in Bath so that they are able to instate locks for your sash windows.