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Are you looking for an experienced, skilled gardener in Enfield, to reshape your shrubs?

Whether you're looking for land clearing services to further develop your personal green space, planting and fertilising or just want to tidy up the garden round the edges, can help you to find professional gardening consultation for whatever work you require.

Additional services such as installation of gravel paths, patio paving and ponds, are readily available can be easily found.

Give us a call today, or fill out the form online to receive no-obligation quotes from top quality, local Enfield gardeners, regardless of the size of the job.

G & S Gardens

We carry out fencing work off types. We also build garden sheds and greenhouses, etc. We can also lay brick patios & driveways. Please...

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Contracting experienced Enfield garden specialists to provide small garden features for your garden

Your garden can be completely changed from a perfectly adequate garden into the garden of your dreams with the addition of a few small garden features, which can be inducted by our Enfield garden services firms. Whether you want to add a tranquil, calming ambience by adding a custom built water feature, or producing an area in which to entertain guests by introducing a space in which to sit, we have the garden renovation specialists in your area to assist you.

With their years of industry experience to draw upon, all features can be precisely installed to a high quality standard and all at a price you can afford.

Performing lawn aeration can help to induce the growth of a thick, green garden lawn

Areas of your lawn may begin to die over the course of time if you fail to undergo aeration of the bed of soil of your lawn. Compaction of soil prevents air passing into the soil which will eventually lead to the structural failure of your soil, which if not remedied will mean that your lawn will either die back or develop thick areas of thatch. Aeration can be performed by you yourself, or by hiring experienced landscape gardening experts in Enfield.

Lawn aeration allows air and water to enter the soil which enables your lawn to grow healthily. Aeration also creates conditions that allow for the presence of earthworms which results in small hollow tunnels throughout the soil, which helps to induce the growth of a healthy lawn. So hire reliable Enfield trade specialists and have them aerate your lawn so you're left with a well manicured lawn..