Flooring & Carpet Fitters in John O'Groats

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Making use of solid hardwood planks to create stunning hardwood floors for your home

The utilisation of hardwood planks may be worth keeping in mind if you're looking to add a new hardwood floor to your property. Hardwood planking is a highly pliable flooring material and this is illustrated by its levels of popularity as it is one of the most widely used in the country. Systems of hardwood flooring do not loose any of their attractiveness so long as you observe proper maintenance routines meaning that your flooring can take pride of place in your home for decades without ever loosing points for style.

We have reputable professional flooring experts in John O'Groats who can inaugurate you flooring in a wide selection of different types of wood, and will actually act advantageously towards your health, owing to the fact that it will snare a lot less dust and dirt than carpeted floors. So enlist the skills of our talented John O'Groats tradespeople and have beautiful hardwood floors in your property that will last you a lifetime.

The expertise of experienced specialist floorers in John O'Groats can be enlisted to install floors for commercial kitchens

You will have to pick an appropriate material if you're aspiring to instate a new floor for a commercial kitchen. Commercial kitchens tend to be extremely busy environments and because of this you will need to instate a floor that will be able to handle the huge amount of foot traffic that is bound to come its way. Linoleum is notable for its use in commercial kitchen down in no small part to the wonderful properties that the material possesses.

It is cuts down on the number of slips due to high friction generation, is known to last a long time once installed and if obtained by recycling is kind to the planet. It will also help you to maintain high levels of kitchen hygiene as it can be easily mopped or wiped clean at the end of every day. So employ a reputable tradesmen in John O'Groats and have a kitchen floor that is able to measure up to your expectations and that will be an asset to your business.