Chimney Sweeps in Telford

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Hiring experienced professional chimney sweeps in Telford to undertake an inspection of your chimney

In the time that precedes the sweeping of your chimney you will need to appoint reliable tradesmen in Telford to perform a thorough inspection. A chimney inspection is a necessary task to have performed as it enables the sweep to ascertain the state of the chimney in question and if there are any significant blockages.

By enlisting the services of some modern tools as well as their wealth of trade experience, our skilled chimney sweeping specialists can be appointed to work through a detailed chimney inspection and then if required, a comprehensive chimney sweeping.

Hiring reputable professional chimney sweeps in Telford to cap the top of a chimney

If your chimney has progressed past the point of use and you do not wish to restore it, you can hire reputable tradespeople in Telford to induct a chimney cap.

Once you have opted to stop using your chimney as an area to stage a fireplace you are left with a way of heat absconding your construction.

Capping the chimney eliminates this heat escaping and also stops birds nesting in the disused chimney.

So contract the services of an an experienced professional and have a cap installed on your chimney at an easily affordable rate.