Chimney Sweeps in Swansea

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Using vacuum cleaning systems to sweep chimneys in Swansea

You can employ a tried and tested chimney sweep company to remove tar and creosote.

In addition to traditional chimney sweeping brooms that can be used to clear your pre-cast chimneys, established tradespeople in Swansea may utilise vacuum cleaning units to sweep the single skin flue by installing filters, and it is cleaner than using normal sweeping rods that can dirty carpets and floors.

Chimney sweep vacuum cleaners will quickly clear up creosote residue into disposable vacuum bags, changing the hose head to suction head to reach all walls of the flue.

Hiring talented professional chimney sweeps in Swansea to cap the top of a chimney

If your chimney has progressed past the point of use and you have no desire to restore it, there are talented local tradespeople in Swansea who can be appointed to cap the top of your chimney. As soon as your chimney is no longer being used as a method of inaugurating a fireplace you are left with a way of heat deserting your building. Installing a cap in the chimney in the chimney stops the heat escaping and means that you can avoid the nesting of birds in the disused chimney.

So contract the services of an an experienced chimney specialist and have your chimney capped for less than you might think.