Chimney Sweeps in Sunderland

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Using flue brushes to de-clog chimney flues in Sunderland

A quality chimney sweeping expert can be called on to clear your chimney, and can de-clog tar using flue brushes.

Wire bristle chimney brushes are used to clear chimney pipes and can be bent to clean flue bends.

Metal chimney flue brushes are available in different brush shapes and sizes, and renowned tradespeople in Sunderland will ensure during sweeping that chimneys don't collapse.

When you access, annual chimney sweeping can be arranged.

Enlisting the services of experienced chimney sweeping experts in Sunderland to smoke test your chimney

It is an advisable action to carry out a smoke test whenever you come to install a new fireplace, or to perform maintenance on a pre-existing heating system. There are reputable tradesmen in Sunderland at the ready to undertake a smoke test on your flue and decipher the area of any potential leaks so that they may be fixed.

Fissures in your stonework are often not easily obvious and may only become recognised after a smoke test is carried out. So contract the services of one of our tradespeople to administer a smoke test to the highest standards.