Chimney Sweeps in Reading

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Recruiting reputable chimney sweeping firms in Reading to smoke test your chimney flue for leakages

If you're aiming to build a fire place or undertake maintenance on an existing heating network, is is strongly advised that you perform a smoke test. Experienced local tradespeople in Reading are in place to to perform a smoke test on your flue and determine the whereabouts of any specific leaks so that they can be plugged.

Fractures in your stonework are often not easily noticeable and may only come to light after a smoke test is carried out. So appoint one of our firms to complete a smoke test so that you can begin renovations.

Calling reputable chimney sweep experts to clear chimneys with brooms

A master chimney sweep company will sweep tar and debris from your chimneys by employing different brushes. Hand-held chimney sweeping brooms can be used to eliminate tar and soot from single skin flues to stop blockages trapping gases.

If bird nests, tar and soot block flues, or tar is getting stuck in bends of a brick flue, a trusted chimney sweeping expert may operate spiral headed brooms to dislodge grime and soot from pre-cast chimney flues flues. Skilful tradesmen in Reading can be used once a year or more depending to the fuel being burned, ensuring that chimney pipes are regularly swept.