Chimney Sweeps in Newry

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Recruiting skilled chimney sweeping experts in Newry to address your industrial chimney needs

When there is a problem with your industrial chimney, it can be a stressful assignment hiring one.

But we have tradespeople in Newry at hand to lend a hand to all of your chimney needs.

There are less and less chimney sweeps today, but we can assist you in locating one and have them execute any chimney assignments that you may need for your industrial chimney.

Should you require instatement of a chimney cap, a chimney to have a smoke test completed, an industrial chimney sweeping carried out, a blockage in your industrial chimney removing, our reliable tradespeople can be employed to undertake the job in a manner that is complicit with UK regulations and at a price you can afford.

Sweeps in Newry attach copper decorative cowls

Many chimney cowl types can be fitted by time served Newry chimney sweeping specialists onto chimneys of domestic properties.

One type of chimney cowl that can be chosen is a copper chimney cowl which can be both a decorative chimney cowl or functional chimney cowl.

Chimney cowls made from copper tend to be a popular choice because a patina develops with age, which gives a more attractive finish than comparable materials.

So if you need a copper chimney cowl installing, you can rely on our knowledgeable trade experts in Newry to deliver a fast, efficient service.