Chimney Sweeps in Harrogate

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Enlisting the services of reputable chimney sweeping firms in Harrogate to smoke test your chimney flue

It is strongly advised that a smoke test be carried out if ever you aim to induct a new fire place, or to administer maintenance on a heating system already in place.

We have talented local tradespeople in Harrogate available to carry out a smoke test on your flue and to establish the placement of any leaks so that they may be blocked up.

Fractures in your brickwork are not often spotted and you may only become aware of their existence once a smoke test has been carried out.

So enlist the services of out experts to carry out a smoke test to the highest standards.

Recruiting talented professional chimney sweeps in Harrogate to provide chemical chimney cleaning

When your chimney isn't performing to its normal high standards, it may be that you require a chimney clean which can be implemented by our experienced Harrogate tradesmen. A prevalent mode of chimney cleaning is to have a chemical cleaning of your chimney which works by removing the accretion of creosote that develops when burning wood and coal in your fireplace.

These accumulations obstruct the release of smoke from your chimney. Our talented tradesmen can be enlisted to dispose of these augmentations by employing chemicals to restore the functionality of your chimney.

So instead of delaying, contract our reliable chimney sweeps at a wallet friendly price.