Chimney Sweeps in Dartford

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Chimney sweeping specialists in Dartford install brown revolving chimney cowls for anti downdraught

If rooms in your home are affected by problems caused by down draughts, you may find fitting a revolving chimney cowl useful Chimneys can be fitted with chimney cowls by our established Dartford chimney sweeping firms, and as well as providing a down draught problem solution, can also increase ventilation within your property. Choices for finishes of anti down draught chimney cowls include black, brown or stainless steel.

Designs of anti down draught cowls can also include features such as integrated rain lips which prevent ingress of water into the chimney cavity.

Keeping chimneys swept with flexible chimney rods in Dartford

Keep your chimney flues maintained through cleaning by a renowned chimney sweep expert to avoid draw from soot build up in chimney flues. Recommended trade experts in Dartford may employ nylon chimney rods to de-clog chimney soot and tar, and they're suited to bent flue liners, as the nylon brush bends to reach awkward angles.

Should a pre-cast flue breast in your semi-detached house keeps drawing draughts from the room or tar has glazed onto flue walls, then hire a competent chimney sweep company when entering your chimney sweep request through A recognised chimney sweeping expert will operate the nylon chimney brush by fitting a spiral nylon head and then removing debris without damaging masonry work.