Chimney Sweeps in Chelsea

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A skilled chimney sweep will use a selection of tools in the cleaning on chimneys

Chimney sweeping firms in Chelsea will call upon a range of equipment to assist them in the completion of their work. With the advancements in chimney sweeping technology, the sweeping of chimneys can be done faster and more efficiently than ever before. There are local tradespeople in Chelsea who are pushing forward the way in which chimneys are cleared and because of this call upon a range of equipment to enable them to perform their work to the high standards they aspire to.

Whether nylon super flex chimney brushes to help remove build ups of soot or 180 degree rotating chimney cameras to help work out where the chimney blockage lies, our experienced tradesmen can be contracted to alleviate any blockages in your chimney and reinvigorate its levels of operation at a price you can afford.

Using the services of local chimney sweep companies to have chimneys swept with brooms

A professional chimney sweep firm will remove tar from a brick stove chimneys by using different brush sizes and materials. Hand-held chimney sweeping brooms are commonly used to de-clog tar from single skin flues to stop blockages trapping gases. Should bird nests, cobwebs and soot traps blocks flues, or creosote has become glazed onto the single skin flue, an established chimney sweep may use square chimney brooms to eliminate dirt from masonry chimney pipes flues.

Helpful Chelsea trademen can be enlisted once a year or more according to whether you're using a wood or oil stove, making sure your chimneys are quickly cleared.