Chimney Sweeps in Canterbury

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Canterbury chimney sweeps attach stainless steel revolving anti downdraught cowls for chimneys

If your chimney suffers from down draughts, you might find a revolving anti downdraught cowl beneficial for your home.

Attachment of chimney cowls can be completed by our experienced chimney sweeping firms in Canterbury, and in addition to providing a solution to down draught problems, can also increase ventilation within your property.

Included in finish choices for anti downdraught cowls are painted brown or black stainless steel, or aluminium.

Anti down draught cowl designs can also encompass extras such as integral rain lips which prevent leaking water accessing chimneys.

Recruiting experienced chimney sweeping experts in Canterbury to carry out a sweep of an industrial chimney

The de-congestion of an industrial chimney can be actioned by a talented chimney sweep.

Clearing industrial chimneys by sweeping can be an arduous task but with the assistance of our talented Canterbury tradesmen, the laboriousness can be taken from the job.

With an encyclopaedic knowledge of the trade, our chimney sweeps can be relied on to get the job done fluently and with haste.

Adept at working with a range of tools from classic styled chimney brushes, to a modern nylon brush style, or even using cutting edge technology such as power vacuums, our skilled tradesmen are able to get the job done, compliant with government regulations, and at a price you can afford.