Chimney Sweeps in Birmingham

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Redundant chimney capping cowls are installed by quality sweeps in Birmingham

There can be many reasons why chimneys aren't needed from having a property in an area that is smoke free to not wanting to burn solid fuel. Chimneys in properties that are not used could become occupied by birds or small mammals building nests and cause damage to property structures from weather because rain or snow falls through chimney pots into the chimney flue. The occurrence of chimney problems can be prevented by Birmingham sweeps fitting disused flue cowls.

From effective and easy to fit C-Cap cowls to plain alloy Euro top caps, your property can be protected by trade experts in Birmingham from winds and draughts in winter. In addition, continued moisture entering unused fireplaces can further damp build up inside properties and create a dry/wet cycle that can mean the structural integrity of a chimney is negatively affected, with chimney lining breakdown and erosion of the stack.

Contracting reputable professional chimney sweeps in Birmingham to provide chemical chimney cleaning

If your chimney does not appear to be functioning to its usual measure, chances are that it needs to be cleaned which can be carried out by our reputable tradesmen in Birmingham.

An efficient chimney cleaning method is a chemical clearing of your chimney, a process de-congesting of your chimney that extracts the gradual growth of creosote that forms after you burn wood and coal in the fire grate of your home.

These build ups block smoke from being released from your chimney.

Our experienced tradesmen can be employed to dispose of these augmentations by employing chemicals to increase the efficiency of your chimney.

Rather than delaying, enlist the services of our skilled professionals for an easily affordable price.