Chimney Sweeps in Bath

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Hiring reputable professional chimney sweeps in Bath to sweep an industrial chimney

A skilled chimney sweep can be employed to complete a sweep on an industrial chimney. The cleaning of a chimney used in industry can be an arduous task but with the assistance of our experienced tradesmen in Bath, the difficulty can be eliminated from the job.

With a wealth of industry experience at their disposal, our chimney sweeps can be appointed to complete the task quickly and efficiently. Proficient when working with a wide array of tools from a traditional chimney sweeping brush, or state of the art nylon brush technology, or even applying the use of technology such as vacuum pumps, our skilled tradesmen are able to get the job done, to a standard that adheres to all UK chimney sweeping regulations, without you having to break the bank.

Redundant chimney tops are attached by Bath chimney sweeping firms

Your chimney may be redundant for various reasons from residing in a smoke free location to your homes chimney breasts being filled in.

A chimney that is not used frequently can be an attractive nesting site for animals or birds and end up with weather damage affecting the property interior with snow or rain entering the cavity of the chimney.

Problems can be prevented by chimney sweeps in Bath fitting unused chimney cowls.

From C-Caps which offer a simple solution to to Euro top guards in plain alloy or terracotta, trade experts in Bath can complete cowl installation to keep your home protected from cold weather draughts.

In addition, continued moisture entering unused fireplaces can further damp build up inside properties and mean a dry/wet cycle becomes established that can cause chimney structures to be compromised, causing stack erosion and lining breakdown.