Chimney Sweeps in Aberystwyth

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Using the services of local chimney sweeps to have chimneys swept with brooms

A master chimney sweeping expert will remove tar from a brick chimney flues through using various brush types. Conventional chimney sweeping brushes are commonly used to de-clog tar from flexible flue liners to reduce fire risks.

If bird nests are lodged in chimney flues, or cooled tar has become stuck on the twin flue, a reputable chimney sweep firm may utilise square chimney brooms to eradicate blockages from brick chimney pipes flues. Helpful Aberystwyth tradespeople can be enlisted a few times a year according to the chimney's age, to make sure that stove chimneys have been swept to prevent fire risks.

Enlisting the services of experienced chimney sweeps in Aberystwyth to check your flue for leakages by performing a smoke test

When looking to add the setting of a fire place or to perform maintenance for a heating system that you already have, is is heavily recommended that you perform a smoke test. Reliable tradesmen in Aberystwyth are at your disposal to undertake a smoke test on your flue and decipher the location of any leaks so that they may be blocked up. Fractures in your masonry may not be instantly obvious and may only become recognised after the completion of a smoke test.

So appoint one of our firms to complete a smoke test by calling upon a wealth of industry experience.