CCTV, Security & Alarm Specialists in Stevenage

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Using monitored intruder alarms to prevent burglaries in your property

Seek help from a friendly CCTV and security professional to fit a monitored alarm system. Monitored burglar alarms can be implemented inside and outside buildings, and a careful CCTV and security installation expert can install the monitored alarm systems, working by sending signals to emergency services through the products.

If vandals attempt to access your property, the remotely monitored burglar alarm will identify any motion via sensors, and then through telephone or radio lines the police will then be notified. Telephone and radio monitored burglar alarms are perfect for securing large premises with high value possessions.

How different smoke and fire alarms function

Domestic and commercial alarms are necessary for keeping your commercial buildings or home protected, so understanding how they work is important.

Depending on the type of smoke security detectors are fitted onto your wall or ceiling or hallway ceiling using a trusted alarm and security installation firm, a fire and smoke detector unit can offer differing protection levels to alert you to fires in your home to keep it safeguarded.

Whether you are installing an alarm for the deaf, or an escape light fire alarm system, smoke and fire security systems are able to highlight either slow-burning or fast-burning fires by entering and clogging up the smoke alarm chamber, meaning the smoke alarm will go off, and in the case of interlinked fire detector systems, will alert all residents to a fire risk.